Fire Extinguisher Servicing Application.

Saving time and money?




Input extinguishers whether existing or new into the customers file, then carry out the service process . A few clicks and the item service is carried out and any items used charged for. All data is stored at base and recalled when the next  service is booked.








Engineers Select Items From Their Job Screen. Your engineer can select any order of job from the uploaded list and carry out the service. Extinguisher can also be selected in any order and when completed sent back to base. When the Job Card is loaded, the engineer can select items in any order. ifire pre loads parts, depending on the type of fire extinguisher and service type selected. Fire Extinguishers are presented to the engineer, so they can carry out the service.







Clients and Engineer Sign Job Off On Site once completed. Once the job is completed, the engineer presents the ipad to the client to sign the job off. At the time of signing the total cost is agreed and your company terms and conditions are also agreed. Your client is presented with a full job breakdown and costing on completion. When the job has been signed off and uploaded the service certificate is ready to send. ifire costs the complete job, no need for the engineer to total anything. Eliminating human error.






Once Completed, Job Is Sent Remotely Back To Base. On completing the job the engineer signs the job card and readies it to be uploaded back to the main system. All the information remains on the ipad until the job has been invoiced from the main system. The engineer carry’s out their checks and record whether a service certificate can be sent. Office staff send the service certificate from the office via email. Engineers current months completed value is synced with the office and displayed on the ipad.